What is Shabby 365?

This blog is for lovers of all things shabby, vintage, Paris flea market, french country, tattered, torn and worn. I will be submitting a photo (or photos) every day for a whole year that remind me of the shabby way of life...plus a few of my favorite things that are not so shabby....like faces and places of those I love:-) I enjoy photography and would like to learn to use my camera once and for all so what better way, right? Some of the photos will be by me but when I find something so irresistible by someone else, I will definitely share it. Who knows...maybe I'll post more than one a day. Just think...after one year, I will have a gorgeous coffee table book. This might end up being a labor of love that appeals to me and only me, I know that. But if you want to take a peek once in awhile, I'd love that too! There will be very little writing...mostly stories told in pictures...so if this is something that appeals to you, come along with me on a journey into shabbiness. Suzanne

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 17-23...So Who Says The 365 Days Have to Be Consecutive?

Day 23... 

Day 22...

Day 21...

Day 20...

Day 19...


Day 18...


Day 17...Follow your Dreams


  1. so beautiful! no, it is not too late to be a Bran Chick- the meeting is Friday Sept. 3rd. So excited to have you join in!
    thank you for the kind words about my owl drawing. Which blog do you want me to list on my side bar?

  2. Suzanne,

    This is a beautiful blog! I have been trying to get in touch with you! You won my giveaway 2 Saturdays ago! Please email me at poemsmyway@yahoo.com with your address so I can ship the giveaway to you!